Collabs, Your Hypeness

Hats On Clouds 003

imageLion’s Gate Channeling 0808 – Bucharest City, 2015.

Hey honey bunnies, woo-hoo! 🐰

Welcome to the month of August and this throw-back gold episode with yours truly, Queen P for Hats on Clouds 💜 Thank you for this amazing opportunity. Urban Exotic Edition, 2k15 though, ancestral and future scenario, streets of Bucharest, summer in the city. Venus rising. Oh well, the planets aligned into this outstanding fashion adventure to explore new levels of inspiration and expression. It is my first African inspired styling – iconic.

I believe cultural statements which honor and respect other cultures and civilizations have the power to transform reality into a portal to experience transcendental truth, peace and beauty. 👑  But back to my outfit, I am inclined to seek perfection in matching (tribal) prints – it is my system of evaluation for any item I select and visually approve as appealing and provocative in a creative manner. It’s a challenge. What should I wear? A feast for sore eyes. Glorious! Thank you! Bye. ♣️

iLOVE: Hats on Clouds





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