QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessapetra Petra 011

 Petra_OF1Ode to Divine Ancestral Perfection – Bucharest, 2016.

Hello, my chocolate cupcakes! 🍰

How is the excessive tanning going?
Oh, don’t answer that, I do get out of the house 🙂
Actually, I must confess I admire your spare time investment and obsessive dedication to yearly exceeding your melanin standards – that’s the game I will probably never excel at lol.
I stay white as an angel – a highly intriguing personal choice yet one more reason to stand out. 👑

Enough with the shallowness, let’s get back to myself! 🌟💜🌟

Welcome to the 11th royal issue by yours truly, Princess P – an universal fashion statement truly entitled to receive such a magical master number in the line of self-fulfilling prophecies.
I have a magnetic attraction towards aquiring valuable knowledge, adopting customs and teachings of other cultural traditions, which elegantly contributed to my sense of style.
The Royal Academy Award for endless inspiration through fashion and electronic music goes to Africa. God bless the intense expression of powerful colors awakening tribal patters and the deep soulful transformative vibration of bass.

See, guys, apart from being the mother of civilization and the origin of mankind, Africa is an eternal symbol of ancestral style and grace. I have already introduced you to Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman and look where it took me. 💜
I am promoting a spiritually stylish lifestyle based on self awareness and consciousness expansion through sensibility to beauty in order to challenge and refurbish perception about reality. Game on!

This superbly captured episode is the work of art of Volker Vornehm – always a flawless delivery; Alex Serban is the unicorn in charge of perfecting my fake long hair.
I can’t believe some people fail to recognize me due to the ever changing hairstyles provided by Mini Me.
Good job, baby boo!
Nevertheless, I am thankful for the wonderul fringed earrings from BeatrixColor – they can match any fashion demand.💜
So much color going on – by the way, have you read my story on Color Symbolism? 👁

All the clothes featured in this multicultural act are second hand and vintage, therefore they can never be tracked or duplicated, lucky me! Juuust to set the tone right…
You already know by now there’s no purpose fitting in trends, frames or boxes therefore I prefer the brands to remain anonymous because they don’t matter and I like keeping my fashion speech light. Yum. It’s in how they all combine…

As I praise personal style and self expression and not vanity, my purpose is to light your way to self awareness and individuality.
Don’t mistake this for the illusion of separation, we are all One but each of us has been heavenly designed with unique gifts and attributes. 👑

Love, Light and Blessings!

Your Highness,

Queen P.





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