QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra 010

Petra_OF3The Royal Modelling Art School – Herestrau Playgrounds, Bucharest.

My dear ladies and gentlemen,

Allow me to introduce to you a highly elegant classical version of myself, something you might have never seen but assumed it’s there. Ethereal prints come alive through a tribal textured painting where colors and shades perfectly intertwine. The energy is surreal – picture it perfect – around and underground. A statement of style and grace signed, sealed and delivered by solely wearing a fabric.

But as much as I love writing about myself, Madame Briolette is my royal provider of cocktail and garden party couture delights. I was first spotted wearing this ensemble at Elle Blogging Awards ceremony but no notable evidence of it was traced in the virtual universe to satisfy my taste for perfection, therefore I have decided to allocate its prestige in my 10th QueenP fashion episode. I prefer to pose. 💋

I seize this opportunity to show my appreciation towards the positive feedback I have received on Verdict.ro – it is the only kind I accept and approve of. Being myself is an unquestionable position which is not opened to further debates. 👁

Let’s get back to my wonderful pictorial, supremely captured by my favorite photographer, Volker Vornehm! Yes! I am wearing an imperial bun, beautified by Mini Me, Alex Serban™. If you’ve ever wondered how I would look like with different hairstyles, he’s making your fantasies come true.

Please note I will be away for the weekend, off to a Sunday afternoon party at Castle Calcione. I must musically retreat and spiritually rejuvenate doing my favorite thing in the world. Top notch – you’re about to find out on www.

These being said, I love my life.






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