QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra 008

image.jpegWhite Chick Magic – Herestrau Playgrounds, Bucharest.

Hello cupcakes,

It’s summertime, the living is easy and people take their clothes off more easily.
Summer sun, chocolate tan and challenging heat.
Or neither one. 💎
Have you ever wondered how I look like in a swimming suit?👁
Don’t answer, I know already. Yum!
Cards well played. Read more.

Continuing the speech on self-exposure, yes, I’m wearing an American Apparel swimming suit. Love forever, baby!
Backless, neon peach, fine cut. 👁
Don’t flatter yourself I might be losing my favorite vintage mom jeans for promotional use.
I’m exclusively 90s, clearly defined and superbly discreet 🙂
I’m also challenging new horizons with my Solestruck shoes. Hey boo, pop the glock, let’s take a walk. Smile. 👀
Vintage scarf, Morrocan bracelets, feisty colors, Snow White – beautified by my unicorn, Alex Serban 🦄
This is perfection. 💜

“It’s not modesty, I show my a** for all to see” – Hieroglyphics. I take hip-hop seriously lol.
It’s a cultural trademark. 👑
Game on! 💥

💜 Xoxo

Flawlessly captured by Volker Vornehm.





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