QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra 007

Petra_OF1Picasso Delight : Urban Edition – Herestrau Park, Bucharest.

Hey there, honey bunnies! 🐰

Long time, no see and no pics of me 🙂
How are you handling yourself lately?
Please don’t state the obvious, cheap talk about the weather is highly unlikely to please me 🙂
We have all acknowledged the heat wave hitting hard the Romanian metropolis, therefore I thought why shouldn’t I cool you off with my colorful perspective?
Now let’s get to the bottom of things – me and how I believe life should be – a technicolor Kingdom of dreams.
If you don’t like it, change your mentality, it’s obsolete.

By the way, do you notice something particularly intriguing about my hairdo?
Long hair, don’t care, boo.
All said and done by my Mini Me and favorite hairstylist, Alex Serban.
He’s now taking charge of my urban looks, so deal with it!
Buh-byeeeeee, wheeeee! 🦄🦄🦄

Next thing to mention – my superb Picasso blazer, which I have order from EBay, despite everyone telling me “they know somebody who has never received his shipment”.
Oh well, how about this?
I got mine with a thank you note (with printed tigers) and smileys on the wrap up paper.
Here’s a piece of reasonable advice: next time you care about other people’s opinions, don’t believe the hype! 🙂
Thank you, Law of Attraction!
Anyhow, if I ever don’t get what I want, it’s probably for the best – you know what they say – “what’s yours is set aside”, ladies.

Since I feel you’d rather be looking at my pics than embracing the universal knowledge I preach, delight yourself further with this feast for sore eyes! 🙂
I am always enchanted to excite your visual stimuli! 💜

Shine on, darlings! 👀

A commitment to delivering excellent pics signed by Volker Vornehm.









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