QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra 006

High Maintenance Hothouse – Bothanical Garden, Bucharest.

Hey boo! 💜

Feeling hot? Me, too! What’s up?

Guess what? I am attending my first day time rave in Romania, a very special event held somewhere in the Bothanical Garden 🙂 Outdoors of course.
Rise and Shine!
Prosecco, Gelato, Jacques Greene, Public Lover, my friends and all the prettiest faces in town!
Level of dopeness infinity +10.
Look up Cabal 01! 💜
I’ll be seeing some people I like there, hanging out with the best crowd – you know how it’s done.
Come around!

Now About Me.
I’m wearing this exotic colorful summer dress by Antics Sartoria Positano, perfectly fit for the ocassion and the potential of tropical heat going on in the Hot Houses of Bothanical Gardens.
The snake print Sam Edelman boots just make it happen.
A vintage all seeing eye adorns my neck. Divine.
I like what’s going on.
Keep it open. 👁

Shine on!


Elegantly captured by Volker Vornehm.





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