QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra 005

United Colors of Stardom – Luigi Cazzavillan Park, Bucharest.

Hello cupcakes,

It’s officially summer, at laaaaast! 🦄

Rise and Shine, boys and girls, rise and shine!
By the way, how are you gonna do that?
All black?!
Cut the slack!
Time to show me what you’ve got! 👀

Since the nature is nothing but dull, grey and dry for a while now, there’s no reason you should be. Why don’t you take a leap of faith and wear yourself proudly? I am so bored with fashion promiscuity, endless cliches and narrow cliques that somebody needs to refresh your memory black is not a color. Nevertheless, f there is any creativity left in your hipster veins, let it flood your brains. Meanwhile, “Heroin cheap” is more than passé. Go away, please! =)

And since life is always my playground, I tend to dress like I adore every single moment of it! My world is truly colored by the box of crayons the Universe has sent to me. These being said, a short piece of urban advice: the lack of self expression is cutting off your wings!

If the Light is blinding you, get rid of the box you’re living in! 👁

Love ya! Buh-bye! 💜

Technicolor Dream Episode lensed by the wonderful Volker Vornehm






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