Royal Endeavors – The Crown Anniversary

The Royal Agenda – Peles Castle, Sinaia.

Hello darlings,

Have I mentioned my Royal adventure? I believe not, therefore please allow me to spread Light upon the wonderful invitation I was honored to address this month on the 10th of May – The Romanian Royalty Day. If you are not informed on the major historical significance of this national holiday, I strongly recommend raising your Awareness.

The superb Garden Party was held at Peles Castle in Sinaia, where I had the opportunity to soothe my view and perspective by admiring the elegant afternoon gowns of the ladies and flawless tailor made suits of the gentlemen, appropriately dressed for the Royal occasion. I was extremely pleased to take into consideration the dressing etiquette imposed by such event – Madame Briolette deserves a honorific mention for the splendid tea party natural feather hair accessory and the colibri dress I was proudly wearing 🙂

I truthfully confess I am proud to have had the opportunity to attend such a prestigious celebration and to enjoy the noble display of elegance and class on the day of the Crown 150 years anniversary!

God bless the King!





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