QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra 004

The Gold Standard – Luigi Cazzavillan Park, Bucharest.

Hey bae,

Guess what? Gold is back in town!
If you’d like to serve the Royalty right, buckle up!
I’m dedicating this one to my best half, the Artist formerly known as Prince, currently the King of my Purple Heart!
Who else would inspire me to pull the Ace up my sleeve with such a mesmerizing layering act?
You know who’s the One!

Back to basics (never!) – “I stay dressed to impress, spark these ladies interest” like the Queen of Cards 🙂
Here I am standing out on the catwalk of Life, wearing this precious Nefertiti Tee from Alina Petcan, hand painted by little Sasha, her adorable son.
Did I mention I feel a boost of joy whenever I wear it? Excellent, because it caries the exuberant energy of a child’s creation – and you know I think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.I call this street style displayed at a high spiritual level.

I don’t really know how you feel about your clothes or how you choose to wear them safely (unleash yourselves, comfort zone is boring) but I just don’t feel like writing an essay on how to pull the perfect outfit or which trends you should follow.
Everybody does that and nobody cares enough anyway.

My aim is to encourage everyone’s self expression through my personal example – style is a trait you might be born with but you cultivate it through sustained interest, education, self respect, trial and error.

These being said, elevate yourselves!

Join the Gold army! 💜


This powerful episode is lensed by the Talented Mr. Volker Vornehm





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