Royal Endeavors – Maramures Easter Edition

The Merry Cemetery – Sapanta, Maramures.

Hello honey bunnies! 🐰

Long time no see 🙂
It’s been a while… Missed me?
I had a lovely trip to Maramures for Easter, totally disconnected from social media and virtual reality for 5 days – timeless tranquility away from the daily concrete – I bet everyone wants to be free 🙂
My first encounter was with a lamb who stalked me around to push me with his head lol. I was so surprised and flattered by this friendly gesture I decided to skip the traditional Easter meal… 👀

The accommodation recommended to me is located in Breb Village – charmingly green and alive during Spring time.
The residents are always serene and welcoming, quick witted and genuinely praising God and the beauty of Life. Perhaps the fresh air and clear skies cast a joyous spell on the perception of existence but this is the place where I finally understood that the universal bonding to Nature and the respect for the Land are the core traits of sacredly living a fulfilling Life.
Perhaps life moves a little slower here but it follows the ancient rhythms of tradition and culture, carefully preserved by space and time.
This is the reason I consider Maramures to be a masterpiece of ancestral importance for Romania and I recommend enjoying its unparalleled genuineness anytime.

Spring Bloom and Blossom.
Hayfield loving w/ boo.

Raised in the Christian tradition, I was obviously interested in participating to the Resurrection night religious ceremony, which was intriguingly different from those I have experienced before.
I was enchanted by the fact the priest blessed people with holy water as they all sang “Truly He is Risen!”.
I am a believer therefore this act was a refreshing perspective – the sacrality of rebirth was honored in choir and its symbolical essence was accessible to everyone.

Angel Mosaique – Sapanta, Maramures.

The church was crowed with beautiful women of all ages wearing colorful traditional costumes – perfectly white frounced blouses carefully hand sewed, cashmere vintage skirts and richly embellished accessories – that’s what I call Couture.
I confess I haven’t seen such a wonderful display of style achieved through perfected handcraft techniques in a long time…
Where there is respect for history and traditions you’ll find the undisputed quality at its finest – I bow my head to that!

Renata Baby – Too Cute.
The Maramures Pattern Gallery.
Handcrafted Embroidery – Cotton Flounce and Tassels.
Bead Embroidery – Traditional Man Costume

I am sincerely impressed by this authentic living and couture legacy of Romania – the local customs and religious rituals just fascinate me.
What seems to be both the hard labor and the easy living of people is a valuable spiritual teaching on how to live peacefully – free spirited, deeply grounded, breathing fresh air and watching the stars every night.
In Maramures, people do preserve their historical common sense and are highly involved with their land. Grass is always greener on their side – you can wonder around for hours on fields of flowers and you hear birds singing all the time – a divine blessing not accessible to the concrete “wonderland” – and there are sheep, cows and horses, nature, peace and calm.

This is the highest spiritual level of a human collective – the blueprint of honoring culture, tradition and authenticity – open your heart and take a look around!

Eye Contact – Intimacy.



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