QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra 003

Petra_BG_OF2Springtime is Lovetime – Botanical Gardens, Bucharest.

Bonjour, mon Amour!

Rise and Shine! 💜

Time to say goodbye to your boring all black WTF and dare to welcome a little more love into your life.

What’s life without color?
What’s beauty if you see in Black & White?
Honestly, just shading, baby, and I don’t play with that.
J’adore my fuchsia leather pants, definitely not my size but who cares about that? We had a magical encounter in a Paris vintage shop.

Do you like my technicolor dream bag?
It’s from Maramures, the Romanian Royal resort of Prince Charles – we’ll also get to talk about that.

What about my Tee?
All hands on me, apparently but you don’t get to touch that!

By the way, I love my belly button, so old school I feel forever young =)

Game on! xoxo

Lensed by the wonderful Mr. Volker Vornehm





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