Proph3tic Justice – On Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

Odilon Redon – The Flame (Goddess of Fire), 1896, Oil on Canvas

Are you aware of the supreme power you have to master your vibration in order to accomplish everything you wish for? Good. Guess what – we are not just physical beings in a material world but vibrational entities in an energy quantum. As above, so below – we are the transmitters and receivers of pure energy. One of our greatest challenges is to skillfully practice the art of mindfulness and the power of manifestation in our earthly day-to-day existence.

Step 1 – Choose

You attract what you reflect.
Your wishes, thoughts and feelings are mainly the effects, not the root of your manifestation pattern.
Picture yourself as an energy field, intimately entangled into the Universal matrix, which constantly receives the signals of how/what you are.
You will naturally attract vibrational beings, events and experiences which are in perfect alignment with your state of being, while clearly rejecting anything out of tune.
Let’s put it this way – if your energetic being is radiating abundance and wealth, your physical reality will manifest itself as prosperous and abundant, too.
The complexity of your signals determines the richness of experiencing reality as you are, not as it is. Let’s thank quantum physics for that. Once the awareness of oneself becomes crystal clear, in order to manifest desires, you must undoubtedly alter the frequency of your vibration.

Step 2 – Synchronize

So far, so good. What’s next?
Quiet your mind!
That’s what you should do in order to synchronize yourself with the core of your being.
Imagine you’re on the radio – what’s your frequency?
If you’re just not into it, change it to your favorite beat.

Step 3 – Equilibrium

Your vibrational being and everything surrounding you are drawn to be in a state of perfect equilibrium. If your glass is half empty, this is what happens: an incompatible field of energy will reflect itself in the people you interact with, your working environment, your social agenda and of course, everything else.
A conflicting situation which persists will lead to its stability – an equilibrium, that is.
If you expose yourself to energetic frequencies which seem to strengthen a temporary dissatisfaction, be aware, my friend – this will create permanence, a disharmonious condition which represents your equilibrium.

Step 4 – Change

To generate a temporary change of frequency is a piece of cake actually, it only takes a few seconds of your precious time.
You can jump around. Listen to your favorite beat. Take a cold shower. Everything can change your state of being but you will still be drawn back to your unsatisfying vibration though.
In order to permanently change that, you must conquer and destroy the unhealthy equilibrium by creating the one you desire. This means you should disconnect yourself from the previous environment long enough to accommodate the change until you notice the positive manifestation of the new vibration – everything which is not in accordance to yourself will be now rejected, while you begin to welcome people, events and experiences which beautify reality.

Step 5 – Create

In order to manifest your desires into reality, the vibrational pattern must be altered to reflect the signal most compatible to them. You can identify the new vibration by visualizing your objective and accommodating different emotions which will tend to stabilize themselves.
A truthful comparation of this positive state of being to your previous one will bring into light the most self-evident contrast.
Therefore, you should be aware by now that changing your vibration is not at all effective if you are constantly exposed to incompatible signals.

Take this advice.
Master yourself gracefully – your frequency is a powerful tool to experiment a quality reality.
Cultivate positive energy and reap the fruits of your creation.
Have a wonderful life!

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