QueenP, Your Hypeness

Princessa Petra 002

Petra_Outfit1 My Milkshake brings all Boys to the Yard – Camera din Fata, anytime!

Hey, boo!

Welcome to the Sequin Club! Are you on the guest list? 🙂

Seriously, I am so pleased with this styling, I just can’t find my words lol. Or maybe there isn’t much to say about how you wear a dress over a shirt.

It just happens. Everybody can do it. End of story.

What I would like to mention is how much I love Camera din Fata, which is one of my top 3 favorite spots in Bucharest. You can find such an excellent choice of coffees and teas that I foretell you will have a wonderful experience.

A Heaven for the connoisseurs – this must be my favorite coffee shop; what more can you wish for?

Oh, that’s right! Me.

Lensed by Volker Vornehm








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