Proph3tic Justice – On God, Life and Light.

I believe in God because He is infinite and absolute, the Creator and the Universe, the supreme Energy manifested through all existing forms and shapes.

I am devoted to God, because God is “Good” with double “o”, which stands for the Origin of Perfection. We are all made in the image of God, perfectly designed to be a part of this Universe.

There is art in living gracefully, with respect for all life forms, empowered by the Gift of existence. We are One, therefore I believe Love should reign in peace over its Kingdom – I would like to see Heaven on Earth in this reality we must beautify with our existence.

I love my Life and I am lucky to have the opportunity to live it honouring its undisputed Beauty, I am happy to have the freedom to make each moment count when I choose to shine my Light and speak the Truth.

We have each been invested with the immense Power of purpose as everything connects in this puzzled Perfection, leading to the Divine completion of a fascinating Plan – the mystery of life.



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