Collabs, Your Hypeness

Chic Is The New Punk 001

Once upon a time in Paris – Sunday, November 3, 2013.

White Skin, Black Leather – what else would soothe your fashion senses back in the daze of 2013?

Okay, don’t answer that – I will.

Oh well, it’s probably me in this wonderful ensemble of passive aggressive street apparel with a mild twist of delicacy… Look into my eyes!

Apparently I’ve also considered leather as one of the supreme statements of style – a firm texture with a smooth finish – just like a dream come true 😉

Therefore, here I am lensed by boo, Chic Is The New Punk ,at our first Parisian 1 2 1. Still fresh – that’s what I am saying.

Ground 0 of Hypeness,

Your Highness,


iLOVE : Chic Is The New Punk





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